My kind of Fashion

Until recently, I have always been conscious of my style of clothes.  I thought people would criticize me or be disgusted by what they see. People in the Philippines can be so judgmental and full of ignorance. However, I have learned to ignore it over the years and just be who I am.

00 (1)

I have always loved neutral colors but I do not wear this kind of clothing anymore.

I believe that ‘’Your image is the reflection of what you are’’ but several times in my life I had to create another side of me playing a role of another image for the sake of public interactions to be accepted by the society…to belong.


Long sleeve shirts and jeans or leggings are what I normally wear in interaction with people like going to the bank and government offices as I want to be entertained fairly.

It became a must to look great when I go out because in the Philippines when you do not dress well people do not entertain you as fast even when you are a customer.


I have come to realize that acceptance of one’s self most important above all else. Being great for myself not just in getting dress but in everything. I do not really need to get compliments nor appreciation to enjoy what life can give.

a normal day outfit free from thinking what others would think about me

a casual outfit

Months ago, I’ve watched an episode from ‘ Ellen Show’ where she had Lady Gaga as a guest. She said she has always been different but during her teen years, she also tried to act and dress how other teens did but never felt right about it.  I felt the same. When I was young, I always tried to fit in with friends but get rejected or embarrassed. I only had a few childhood friends.


I love animal prints.

I started developing my own persona.  Finding with myself what I truly want.  I started seeking clothes that I thought were nice even if I rarely saw people wearing what I wore,  or older people wearing it.  I tried combining and changing the style until I came up with my own.

You just have to believe that you look good with it and carry it with confidence. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if it looks weird or different as long as you found the enjoyment wore your kind of fashion.


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