Earthquake Oct 15 2013

I spent next two days in Panglao while waiting for the accountant to give the receipts and documents.  Oct 14, 2013 . I got up and decided to go back to Cebu City. Mr. Agta and i have agreed to meet at the city only. I started packing my things, took a shower and got ready to leave. I arrived home early evening around 6 oclock. I took a shower and watch a movie until I fell asleep.


Bridge connecting tagbilaran city and panglao island

15 Oct 2013, 8:15 (Cebu City) in the morning, glasses started falling, candles , figurines are shaking. I was pissed off because i thought someone is disturbing my sleep. I woke up and my bed is moving and the cabinets. Oh my gosh!! earthquake!!! waaaaaahhhh . I check my phone and theres no wifi. Everything fell down on the floor. I grabbed my towel,my phone, changed my house slippers and locked my door. I ran downstairs and everyone is outside the building. Everyone just started their day. Others just got out of shower, most just woke up and haven’t washed faces yet including me ! 🙂 After some minutes i seen the building swaying again and followed by more aftershocks. After an hour i went back upstairs, got dressed and evacuated. I left everything messy. During night time while watching the news, i seen the 7.2 magnitude earthquake had really caused a lot of damage in Bohol island.  Over 100 people died. One building in Cebu city is destroyed and some people died too.Houses, and historical churches were vanished. Schools and few of government offices,hospitals are under maintenance. Everything had stopped operating for days. Classes are postponed for more than a month to check and repair the classrooms ensuring the safety of the students. Infrastructures in Bohol had been destroyed including the Tagbilaran port. An unexpected calamity that destroyed the livelihood of Boholanons. There has been more than 3,000 aftershocks recorded up to this day Nov 18, 2013. When is it going to stop? Will it stop or it’s going to become a part of Cebuanos daily life?


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