pinay loves Colorado, kinda:-)

Port of entry : Takoma, Seattle

Arrival Date: September 27, 2014

Article date: October 10,2014

pinay loves colorado

garden of the gods

Its been my 12th day in Colorado. It’s raining today. I went to the balcony to take a picture and it is freezing cold! It is fall in Colorado but feels like winter! My fiancé and I are going out today to buy new shoes and a coat. I can’t last in this kind of weather without the proper clothes. This is a totally different environment. Different weather, different people around me. Every morning, I have to turn on the heater because I feel too cold. My fiancé kept laughing at me. He said it is not real winter yet. I arrived here wearing my sneakers and my jacket which I thought was a jacket but it’s really not.


2nd day: my american breakfast w/out rice :-/

pinay loves colorado

parking lot

pinay loves colorado

apartments view

Every afternoon, we go for a walk around the area. The altitude in Colorado is an extreme difference and takes getting used to even for people who live in other states in the US. Every time we go up and down the stairs, I feel so out of breath. I feel there is not enough air going through my lungs. It is as if I went running for miles. On some days, I feel light- headed; Like I have a hangover. It is a weird feeling. Sometimes I felt like I need to vomit. My body is still adjusting to the new weather, temperature and lack of air to breath.

pinay loves colorado

When we were out, I noticed bunnies are chillin’ out freely. People here are pet lovers:-) I am so happy for the animals because no one will harm them here. I love how the people care for their dogs. They take them for a walk in the morning and noon or take them in their cars. I can see dogs sticking their heads out of the cars and really enjoy sightseeing. It shows how people value their pets. Each major store has a whole section just for pets. They have variety of pets food, pet toys, pet clothes and pet houses of different shapes and colors.

I noticed that there are a very few insects here in Colorado. It sounds silly but I think my theory is right. Insects rarely survive because of less oxygen. 🙂 and it is too cold for them. There are so many crows here. They are everywhere. I rarely see other kinds of birds. Overall, the neighborhood is very quite and peaceful. It is clean here and the customer service is great everywhere we go. It is very beautiful in Colorado. The entire place looks like an attraction to me. If this place was in the Philippines, it would definitely be a tourist attraction 🙂

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