K1 Visa: FORM I-94

Thankful Beyond Words

I was also one of those who had so many questions regarding Form I-94. I searched and read some comments in forums just to get information. So ladies, here is a brief information regarding the form.

Remember in the plane, they asked you to fill up some form, it’s Form I-94. It looks like the image below. Then you presented it to the officer in the airport. They didn’t give it back to you because they need to encode it in their system and so, you can retrieve it online. I’m not sure the earliest time frame that you can check it, but to be safe, try retrieving it after 2 weeks.

(Source: http://www.cbp.gov/travel/clearing-cbp/traveler-entry-form)traveler_entry_form_declaration_form1That form is very important, it would show your personal information, the date of your entry in the US and the end of your 90 days. Before, they would give you a copy of the…

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