UK Immigration Barristers aka UK Immigration Solicitors, oh and before that UK Visa and Immigration but now UK Immigration Barristers 2014! All one and the same set-up to cheat you of your money.

its worth sharing. UK visa immigration scam.

UK Immigration Barristers 2014

This blog was written more than 2 years ago but is still getting more than 20 hits a day,  so,  unfortunately these crooks are still operating.

 Read some of the background history and I hope you have found this blog before departing with any cash to these criminals.

Read the reviews before you pick up the phone! Read the reviews before you pick up the phone!

UK Immigration Barristers 2014 are NOT barristers but are known to use Kings Court Chambers, a barristers chambers in Birmingham, UK.  Take a look at at the website of the Legal Ombudsman:

Click on ‘Immigration’ and it reveals quite a telling picture of upheld complaints against all of the existing barristers at Kings Court Chambers in 2013-2014.

Tariq Rehman, Mohammed Asif Khan and Nigel Duncan Andrew Wray.

With a total of eight complaints, Tariq Rehman has more than twice as many complaints against his name than any of the other 15,500 barristers…

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