Which is the best way to marry a US citizen as a foreigner?


US citizens can legally get married to citizens of foreign countries in America and abroad.

Best way to marry a US citizen as a foreigner

Getting Married in a Foreign Country

If you are a US citizen and if you fall in love with a citizen of a foreign country while abroad, you must first learn the rules and regulations for marrying in that country. You can contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate in that country and obtain the required information. That is because the rules and regulations followed by all the foreign countries may not be the same. Even after getting married, you need follow certain rules to travel to America. At the same time, foreign nationals must remember that, just by getting married to Americans, they cannot become citizens of America.

If you get married in a foreign country to a foreigner, you being a US citizen, must file Form I-130 for your spouse and sponsor her…

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